#GardenofSweden : Man throws noxious liquid onto train, passengers scream, made nauseous…..


Sweden is sure getting its fair share of unwanted international coverage lately, I hope it continues….

Now, what was this exactly, a dry run for something far more evil?

Train passengers in Sweden have ‘breathing problems’ after liquid thrown on them

TRAIN passengers were left with breathing problems in Sweden tonight after a masked man threw liquid on them as the carriage doors slammed shut – trapping them inside.

A train at Sankt Eriksplan station in Sweden


The attack happened on a subway train at Sankt Eriksplan station in Stockholm, where emergency services rushed to the scene.

One passenger onboard said commuters were left in a state of panic, most suffering from breathing problems and others desperately rushing for the exits.


Reports initially stated the man threw a rucksack into the carriage, but Swedish police have confirmed it was a noxious liquid instead – the motives behind the incident or the identity of the man involved are not yet known.


One witness, Alexander, 22, was on his way home from work and sat far back in the subway car when he noticed that people started to scream.


He said: “Suddenly lots of people were running back toward me. They kept both their mouth and eyes closed and cried and coughed.


“It seemed like pepper spray, or whatever it was that was thrown out, and we got huge respiratory problems.


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