Denmark ISLAMIC STATE Muslims Milking the Public

Islamonazi jihadis with Danish passports still receiving social benefits…….


This is of course in violation of UNSCR 1373, dealing with funding, aiding, supporting terrorist groups.


By David Frankenhuis

Denmark wants to halt handing out social benefits relating to ‘sickness’ or ‘disabilities’ to Muslim citizens who headed for the Middle East in order to join the ranks of the Islamic State terror group. A bill that, among others, aims to prevent Danes that are funded by the Danish state from fighting overseas, where their actions undermine the interests of Denmark, has therefore been presented in parliament this morning.


The legal initiative was accompanied by a report from the Police Intelligence Service (PET) proving that state-funded Danish nationals were fighting for IS in Syria and Iraq, BT reports. Employment minister Troels Lund Poulsen commented on the issue:

“It is simply an outrage that we’re spending public welfare money on people traveling to Syria or elsewhere in the world and undermine the democracy that we in Denmark for hundreds of years have been fighting for.”


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