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Rita Panahi: Sharia law (Islam 101) has no place in Australia…….


It has no place anywhere…..

Rita Panahi: Sharia law has no place in Australia

I AM accustomed to being hectored by Islamists, frightbats, anti-vaccination fruitcakes and an assortment of social justice warriors — aka government-funded Twitter trolls.


But last week, I had the surreal experience of being scolded by an ABC host for not being sufficiently supportive of an Islamic activist advocating for sharia law.


ABC radio drive host Rafael Epstein had the gall to admonish me, a migrant who escaped a country under Islamic law, for not supporting an advocate of Islamic law.


It’s akin to a freed slave being criticised for a fear of slavery and reluctance to support slavery advocates.



Can you imagine the indignation from feminists if a privileged, white, private school-educated, heterosexual, conservative male was castigating an immigrant woman of colour about how their experience and opinions “distort the debate”?


Epstein is all of the above except he is a typical ABC Leftist and so his behaviour is excused and even applauded by those who most enthusiastically embrace identity politics.


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  1. I love the way the Leftards think any opinion different to their own opinion, is either racist, sexist, Islamaphobic or they somehow turn it around and try and make us look bad! Is anyone looking at what’s happening in Europe?

    1. Jeff, they are exactly opposite of what they claim to be. They are what they label others.

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