Denmark Fighting Back Western Civilization

Denmark: DPP proposal for introducing immigrants to the country’s religious traditions deemed ‘controversial…….


So the simple demand that people immigrating into the country should have at least a basic understanding of Christianity, the moral basis behind the laws and morals of the country….is somehow controversial?

Migrants in Denmark told to celebrate Christian holidays if they want to integrate

MIGRANTS must celebrate Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter if they want to properly integrate, a Danish political party has demanded.


The anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DPP) also said going to church could put immigrants on the right track as they settle down in Denmark.


The DPP’s demand comes after MPs earlier this month debated the question of what it means to be a Dane.


Martin Henriksen, the Eurosceptic party’s immigration spokesman said celebrating Christian values could help new arrivals integrate and understand Danish culture.


He said: “To do that, you need to understand and its meaning for the Danish people.


“In fact, I think that one of the most Danish things there is is not interfering in what others are thinking and believe in.”


In January the Danish government moved to crack down on parallel cultures fuelled by the lack of integration into society as they vowed to implement strict new policies forcing young children to learn the language.


The hard-line approach would see immigrant parents who refuse to let their children learn Danish lose their child benefits, which are issued by the state.


In the proposal, which was presented to Parliament in last month, it was set out there should be a .


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