Fighting Back Islam in Austria MUSLIM SETTLERS

Austria: Open border thespians use fake barbedwire in attempt to impugn customers at trade show……


Too bad it’s fake barbedwire though……

This is an attempt to make those with justified worries on mass numbers of Muslim settlers streaming into the country look like ‘country bumpkins’. The opposite is the case though, it’s the maroons who believe that nothing is wrong at all, and that the country should force the doors even more wide open than before. These are the ‘ country bumpkins’. Lunatics actually.

Gold-plated barbed wire which promises ‘protection from migrants’ causes controversy

GOLD-PLATED barbed wire which promises protection from migrants, burglars and animals caused controversy at a trade show in Vienna.


The shiny barbed wire which was displayed by ‘Happy Homess’ at a trade event on Saturday promised to deliver both peace of mind and style.


Two models of barbed wire were available, the standard ‘Schengen’ wire which costs £42 (€50) per meter and the more luxurious gold plated ‘Secession’ wire at £213 (€250) per meter.


The wires also come with an added electric shock function.


The barbed wire attracted a huge amount of attention at the Trade Fair for Building and Energy on Saturday, despite the product not being real.


Customers were not aware that the ’Nato barbed wire’ was a social experiment carried out by actors who wanted to test the public and find out whether the fictional product was appealing.


Peter Tappler an actor at the theatre group ‘Stahlglatt & Blumeenweich’ performed as Managing Director of ‘Happy Homes’ and warned the wire is “a bit sketchy”.


He said: “You need to do that bit in secret, so that you don’t get into conflict with the law.


“Especially if somebody is touching it, a fatality could occur. In this case, you need to take care of the difficulties yourself.”


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