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UK top cop still believing in tooth fairy Islam, wants clerics to do more in combating radical interpretations…….


He’s demanding the impossible, the koranic abrogation doctrine is de facto Islamo-law.

They’ll smile and do a head fake and continue on as before, because to otherwise would condemn themselves to eternal damnation. This is all an exercise in futility, Islam 101 (post-Hijra Islam) is the official law adhered to by all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence, the laws that the santa hat clerics at Al-Azhar university (the seat of Sunni Islam) deem as holy writ.

“There is no interpretation I would argue that could say that, but some people are getting away with that. Muslim scholars have got to come up and be really challenging of that and be very clear that this can never be acceptable.
“There is no interpretation that can ever conclude it’s ok to kill people. We can’t be at all sensitive to religious beliefs. We have all got to say that is wrong.”

Met Chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe: Muslim scholars need to do more in fight against IS

Britain’s top police officer today urged Muslim scholars to step up their efforts to counter the violent ideology of Islamic State.


Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe issued a new warning about the looming threat posed by “brutalised and militarised” extremists returning from Syria.


He said he believed that IS fighters and terrorists were “political criminals” who were carrying out “horrific violence” which had no justification in the Muslim religion.


But he warned that the terror group was continuing to lure recruits by claiming that Islam supported its actions and that the authorities needed the help of Muslim scholars and others to challenge this false narrative.


“The hardest part for the Western world is to interrupt this philosophy that Daesh [Islamic State] is perpetuating which is that Islam in any way supports this horrific use of violence,” Sir Bernard told the Evening Standard.


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