Islam in the Netherlands Islamic anti-Semitism

Dutch public news station makes rabid Muslim Jew hater into victim…….


It’s why the media is despised everywhere, it’s not just a US ‘Fakestream Media’ phenomenom….

Public News Station presents rabid Muslim Antisemite as Victim

T he large public news broadcaster NOS has interviewed a Moroccan pizza baker from Tilburg Rachid el Hajoui. He said that he feared going to a mosque because “some crazy person might attack here.”


He pleaded for tolerance.


In the past Hajoui was an activist for the left liberal D66 party and before for the extreme left Socialist Party.  Since then it has been found that in 2014 he tweeted that Hitler should have finished his work and “only answer to Israel is total extermination.” The NOS has since apologized for not checking Hajoui out before interviewing him.



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