Hate Speech laws Islamic anti-Semitism

French scholar on Jews from Arab lands endures ‘hate speech’ trial for Islamic antisemitism ‘mother’s milk’ quote…….


This is why hate speech laws are counterproductive…..


In other words, it’s basic Islam 101 that’s being transmitted, the ideology of Mohamed and subsequent trusted hadiths that are chock full of Jew hating verses and thinking. Saying so is a matter of fact statement, but since we have ‘hate speech’ laws on the books, anyone can be brought up on charges who transgress the present political accepted dogma that Islam is a religion of peace and Muslims constitute a race.


This is how far the once modern European continent as regressed, thanks in part to identity driven politics (a crucial element needed in order for failed multiculturalism to take root), and political correctness that acts as a watch dog to keep the unruly populace in line with the ruling elite’s political policies and agendas.


I know a certain Jewish social psychologist here in Finland, an expert on Jew hatred (antisemitism), who has described Christian Jew hatred in the exact same terms, ‘transmitted through mother’s milk’, and I fully agree with that phychologist’s views. The same with the Islamic variant, though the latter is even more laden with anti-Jewish tropes in its religious texts, which unlike the New Testament, can’t be explained with a new interpretation since every word jotted down by Mohamed comes straight from his deity.


All hate speech laws are more destructive to the civil society than what they seek to restrain. We need to move past them, and allow more free speech, not limit it. Watch this video or read the transcript I produced to understand  the issue further.

French Jewish scholar’s hate speech trial divides anti-racism activists

Georges Bensoussan, one of the world’s leading experts on Jews in Arab lands, said anti-Semitism is transmitted to Arabs ‘with mother’s milk’

JTA — The hate speech trial of a prominent French historian charged with calling Arabs innately anti-Semitic is dividing French Jews and sowing dissent within the local equivalent of the Anti-Defamation League.


It is all happening over just two words: “mother’s milk.”


Georges Bensoussan, one of the world’s leading experts on Jews in Arab lands, used the two fateful words during a radio interview in 2015. Citing the work of an Algerian sociologist, he asserted that “in Arab families in France and beyond, everybody knows but will not say that anti-Semitism is transmitted with mother’s milk.”


Bensoussan later insisted he meant this as a metaphor for culturally transmitted bias. Nevertheless, his words prompted both the Collective Against Islamophobia in France and the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism, or LICRA, independently to initiate a criminal trial against him for allegedly inciting racial hatred.


The verdict in Bensoussan’s trial, which began last month, is expected to determine boundaries of free speech in academia in a country where moderates fear both radical Islam and the surge of xenophobia it is triggering.


But the trial is already pitting anti-racism activists against one another, including within LICRA. One of France’s most revered thinkers, the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, resigned from its honorary board in protest over what French media are calling “l’Affaire Bensoussan.”


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