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Erdogan’s Turkey cracks down further on free speech, closes magazine down for Moses cartoon…….


Moses not available for comment….

The thing is, many Western states influenced by Islamic mores (Islamization) are guilty of the exact same thing, like Finland for example. There is nothing that this editor can expect in the way of support from them, at all. Instead of being a light, a beacon of sanity to the Islamic world, the West is underlining their 7th century mentality.


Turkey Crackdown Chronicle: Week of February 12

Publisher closes magazine for cartoon lampooning Moses

The publisher of the cartoon magazine GırGır announced today that he was closing down the magazine after its publication of a cartoon depicting Moses irritating his followers wandering in the desert by talking too much and bragging about parting the Red Sea sparked outrage on social media, including from the president’s office, news website T24 reported.


The move came after İbrahim Kalın, the spokesman for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s office, wrote on twitter yesterday, “The name for this is not humor and freedom of the speech, but indecency and hate crime. I strongly condemn this disrespect to sanctity.”


The magazine apologized for the cartoon and said it had been a mistake to publish it after more Turkish social media users criticized it. According to a statement from the publisher’s lawyer published on T24, the publisher would also file criminal complaints against the magazine’s staff responsible for the cartoon, claiming it was published with the “malicious intent” of deliberately harming the company.


Today the Küçükçekmece Prosecutors’ Office in Istanbul began an investigation into GırGır on suspicion it had “abused the religious values adopted by a part of the people,” the news website Dihaber reported.


More here. H/T: AS

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