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Paris riots spread across France mapped……


Goes to show just that opening your country’s doors to people who do not want to accept your way of life makes no sense whatsoever..

PARIS RIOTS MAPPED: 20 no-go zones located as violence spreads ACROSS FRANCE

THE Paris riots are now spreading across France as vigilantes stage running battles with police which have turned parts of the country into no go zones.

At least 20 different areas have seen mass riots on the streets


And law enforcement say two weeks of civil unrest has now led to frenzied clashes in 20 districts with millions of pounds worth of damage in Paris alone.


Worryingly about 60 per cent of those involved in the street fights are children, police say.


As well as serious crime in at least 16 northern Paris suburbs, the confrontations have spread to Nantes in Brittany, Lille – the capital of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, and Rouen in Normandy where catholic priest Father Jacques Hamel was murdered while he was saying mass the altar last summer.


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