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Finnish high court rules anti-immigrant website owner’s arrest warrant still in force…….


I wouldn’t mind defending him but he’s got a load of self induced negative baggage that has nothing to do with being against mass  immigration of Muslim settlers.

Word of advice, if you want the support of the Tundra Tabloids, don’t join up with a Jew hating agitprop, and commit very possibly illegal commercial violations. Whatever fruitful things he has dug up from time to time is overshadowed by lots of nefarious activities. At least that’s how I see it until proven wrong.

Rejected: Supreme Court says anti-immigrant agitator’s arrest warrant remains in force

Finland’s Supreme Court has announced that it would not permit Ilja Janitskin – who is the founder of the anti-immigrant website MV Lehti and reportedly living in Russia – to appeal the warrant for his arrest.


The Finnish Supreme Court announced on Friday that it will not consider Ilja Janitskin’s appeal for his months-old arrest warrant to be dropped.


Janitskin is suspected of ethnic agitation, money collection and gambling offenses, defamation and other crimes – and his arrest warrant which Helsinki District Court issued last autumn – remains in effect, according to a Supreme Court statement issued on Friday.


In October 2016, Helsinki District Court issued a warrant for Janitskin’s arrest, and in September a Finnish court issued an EU-wide arrest warrant for the anti-immigrant agitator for dozens of charges, including aggravated slander and copyright infringement.


Janitskin is reportedly not in Finland and believed to be residing in Russia.

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