Islam is deception ISLAMIC STATE

Islamic (nazi) State to use propaganda to inspire new jihadis against the West…….


Inspiring by disseminating more Koran Islam 101 to ignorant ears.

‘More potent than ATOMIC BOMBS’ ISIS will use propaganda as plan to survive, report warns

THE Islamic State has claimed its propaganda is “more potent than atomic bombs” and that it will continue to inspire terror attacks, a new report has warned.



The twisted death cult are desperately trying to conjure up new strategies to survive after the jihadi group suffered a devastating loss of territory in its Iraqi and Syrian strongholds.


The terror organisation has released a directive called ‘Media Operative, You Are A Mujahid, Too’ which has been analysed by experts at King’s College London.


The ISIS propaganda states: “Media weapons [can] actually be more potent than atomic bombs” and has “far-reaching potential to change the balance in respect to the war between the Muslims and their enemies.”


It claimed the West is “angered and terrorised by jihadi media”.


More here.


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