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France: Tourists are being warned to stay clear of Paris after bus stuck in traffic are mugged…….


France, Europe in general isn’t a place worth visiting right now……

PARIS RIOTS: Tourists ordered to STAY AWAY after rioters ATTACK coach trip

Paris protestors

PARIS holidaymakers are being told to stay away after a group of tourists were attacked on their coach during riots sweeping the capital.

Tourists stuck in traffic were threatened with a glass bottle before being mugged, with the gang of youths then trying to set fire to the coach.


After the muggers fled, the driver finally managed to get the coach moving and reach the hotel in the Saint-Denis neighbourhood.


Paris has been gripped by a series of protests since a police officer was charged with anally raping a 22-year-old man during an arrest earlier this month.


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  1. You have to be pretty dim to consider any European vacation now. Especially knowing Muslims can do what they want and nothing happens because the French are afraid of upsetting their moderate Muslims lest they become your everyday violent Muslims. You can’t fix stupid.

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