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Austria: Afghan Muslim settler assaults mother of two while pushing children in baby buggy……..


Enriching our societies as never before……

Afghan migrant ‘sexually assaults mother-of-two as she pushes young children in pram’

AN AFGHAN immigrant has been arrested after an alleged sex attack on a young mother in broad daylight while she was pushing her two children in their pram.


The attack is said to have happened on the popular Danube Island in the Austrian capital of Vienna, a popular recreational area with bars, restaurants, beaches and trees.


The children, aged one and two, were left unharmed during the alleged attack.


The 31-year-old mother was pushing a pram with her two children, aged one and two, when she was suddenly grabbed by her neck, according to reports.


The attacker, reportedly 17 years old, allegedly threw the woman to the ground and climbed on top of her.


She reportedly fought back and eventually stopped him when she bit him on the nose when he tried to kiss her.


As he fled the scene, the woman contacted the police.


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