Satire Sweden: Researcher says ”Stop seeing far-right terrorists as lone wolf offenders”……


All the while researchers like Christer Mattsson will insist that most attacks by single Islamonazi jihadis are the works of confused, oppressed of demented Muslims, not core Islamic texts to blame.

The Left will always try to obfuscate the fact that the racist ‘far-right’ has nothing to do with Leftist ideology, when in fact, they’re siblings in the same socialist family. Traditionally, almost every act of political violence can be traced to either hard-Left and hard-Right socialists. The violent Islamic element in the West (speaking of Europe here) is only 50 some years old.

Why we must stop seeing far-right terrorists as lone wolf offenders

Why we must stop seeing far-right terrorists as lone wolf offenders

Ninety-two fires at asylum homes last year were deliberate. Photo: Adam Ihse/TT
OPINION: Our cognitive bias makes us view Islamist and far-right terrorists differently, writes Swedish researcher Christer Mattsson.
The fundamental attribution error, sometimes called the mother of all prejudice, teaches us that we are likely to ascribe the negative actions of others to their poor morale or other inner qualities, and look to unfortunate circumstances to explain our own shortcomings.
If I arrive late it is because the bus left too early and right in front of my nose. If you arrive late, it is because you are careless and irresponsible. This also works on a collective level.
When people who the majority perceives as belonging to a different cultural or religious group commit reprehensible acts, it is more likely that we attribute the reason behind these acts to characteristics said to be associated with the group and we look for patterns whether they are there or not.
However, if the offender is part of what is perceived to be the majority, it is highly likely that we instead choose to view these acts as deviations – he or she is insane in one way or another.
The fundamental attribution error is a very useful term in social psychology which could help us understand why it is easier to notice patterns when violence is carried out in the name of Islam, rather than when violence is carried out for racist and/or Nazi purposes.
Terror and violence carried out by extremists of various persuasions have been continuously present for many years, in our part of the world too, and it cannot be said that there was ever a time without political terror of some kind.
But while it is easy to find links, both real and less probable, between people who execute Islamist violence and various Islamist organizations or ideas, it has been distressing to see how racist perpetrators are instead seen as loners and madmen.
Leading politicians, civil servants and sometimes even academics talk about “rapid radicalization” when people with no previous known connections to Islamist groups suddenly commit serious and gruesome crimes, even if evidence of links is scarce.
Nobody talks about rapid radicalization when refugee accommodation is set on fire and nobody talks about extremist thought police in Swedish dominated residential areas brainwashing Swedish youths with racist ideology when Roma beggars are the victims of life-threatening violence.

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NOTE: The fact of the matter is, near sighted pseudo researchers like Mattsson are more interested in presenting an ideological argument than in presenting the facts. Terrorist violence (political violence used to intimidate, frighten the general public) has many actors, some belong to ideological  groups and while others can be loners or acting independently as part of a greater strategy. All are either ideological or demented.

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