ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism

Islamic (nazi) State to target holiday spots for murder…….


Of course……

ISIS threats to Spanish tourist hotspots: Terrorists put resorts where millions of Britons are expected to holiday this year on hitlist, government report warns

  • The threats to Spain were found on social media, a government report claims
  • Comes amid fears ISIS plans to recruit translators and Spanish speaking fighters
  • The Foreign Office has pointed to its official advice for travelling to Spain


ISIS fanatics have issued ‘direct threats’ on Spanish tourist hotspots where millions of Britons are expected to visit this year, according to a
government report.

The warnings were reportedly found on social media amid fears the terror group is also recruiting translators and foreign jihadists from the country.

Its bid to find Spanish speaking fanatics started last summer, the document claims, adding that extremists were increasingly publishing in the language.

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