Geert Wilders slams political opponents who refuse to work with his government……


Lets first hope that he wins the election, the sore losers be damned…..

Geert Wilders hits back after Dutch PM says MPs WON’T work with him if he wins election

GEERT WILDERS has warned his opponents not to “shove aside” voters by refusing to work with the populist party after this year’s Dutch election.


The far-right, anti-migrant politician is soaring in the polls but the establishment in the Netherlands have vowed not to prop up his party – even if they secure more parliamentary seats than anyone else.

His Party for Freedom (PVV) are expected to win around 30 seats in the 150 seat House of Representatives and will therefore need the support of other parties to enter government.

However, opponents have promised not to support Mr Wilders and stated their intention to instead create a coalition made up of five or more smaller, left-wing parties.

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