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Finland: Leftist Political parties place cordon sanitaire around Finns Party MEP Jussi Halla-aho…….


These jackasses should be all drummed out of politics in general, but there they sit, like warts on a bullfrogs ass.

They’re pulling the same crap that Swedish political parties do against the Sweden Democrats. They’re of the same ilk that demands Israel to sit down and negotiate with Islamonazi Hamas and Fatah, but refuse to sit with their own democratically elected opposition parties. What a bunch of lunatics.

Opposition parties opposed to Halla-aho

The Green League, Left Alliance and Swedish People’s Parties say they would not be prepared to join a government with the Finns Party if it elects Jussi Halla-aho as its chair, according to newspaper Demokraatti.

According to a poll carried out last month, Finns Party member and current EU MP Jussi Halla-aho had nearly the same amount of support within his party as current party chair Timo Soini.

Halla-aho has said Finland’s immigration policy is problematic and has claimed that Europe is headed for catastrophe due to out-of-control immigration.

Among other incidents, in 2008 Halla-aho was investigated for incitement to ethnic or racial hatred for blog posts he’d made and in 2009 he was convicted of disturbing religious worship, a case which was eventually appealed to the Supreme Court, resulting in a 400 euro fine.

“I don’t see any possibilities for the Left Alliance to work with a party led by him,” the Left Alliance chair Li Andersson told the paper, and the Green League’s chair Ville Niinistö agreed with that notion.

Leaders of the Centre Social Democrats and National Coalition parties would not comment on questions about the Finns Party’s internal questions.


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Note: Also take notice how YLE once again mentions Halla-aho’s being ‘convicted of hate speech’ (by a show trial court system) as they usually do every time they post something about him, yet fail to fill in the blanks about a ‘Paleostinian’ teacher visiting Finland. Her husband was in prison for murdering 13 Israelis.

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