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Islamonazi Iranian ‘supreme leader’ lauds the Swedish government, says they have a good name among the Iranians…….


However, the rest of the Iranians who want to shake off the Islamonazi regime hate and despise them (the government) for their wretched, despicable pandering for the sake of business deals.

Khamenei says Sweden has good name among Iranians

Iran’s supreme leader said on Saturday the United States and Western powers are regarded with suspicion in the Middle East because of their interference, but that Sweden has a good name among Iranians and is seen as a reputable economic partner.
Iran has had relatively good relations with neutral Sweden which has over the years been often critical of the foreign policy of the United States, the Islamic republic’s arch-enemy.
“America and many European powers have played a role in causing traumatic events in Syria and Iraq, and the people of the region are aware of this interference and are rightly skeptical,” state TV quoted Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as saying at a meeting with visiting Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven.
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