US: Alien and Predator hook up for bread breaking event……


When these sworn enemies break bread, it’s never a good thing for anyone else….


Sunni and Shiite terror associates break bread at Pompano mosque.

Joe Kaufman

This past August, the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sponsored a roundtable event featuring a meal at the American Islamic Center of Florida (AICF) located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Representing CAIR was the group’s Regional Operations Director, Nezar Hamze. Representing the mosque was its imam, Mohamad al-Ali al-Halabi, aka Mohamad al-Fouani. It was an interesting dynamic, given the background of the two, Hamze being from a group associated with Hamas and al-Halabi being a devotee of Hezbollah.
While Hamas and Hezbollah are both Muslim terrorist organizations and both enjoy financing from their Iranian backers, at best they disassociate from one another and at worst they are bitter rivals. Their animus for one another is best exhibited in the ongoing conflict in Syria, where leaders of Hamas, a Sunni faction, have supported the ‘Arab Spring’ rebellion against Bashar al-Assad and Hamas militants have joined in the rebellion and members of Hezbollah, a Shiite faction, have fought alongside Assad against the rebellion.
Last August, though, two of Hamas and Hezbollah’s extended family set aside their differences and came together for a friendly roundtable discussion, sponsored by CAIR and held at the American Islamic Center of Florida, a Shiite mosque located in Pompano. The representative for CAIR, Nezar Hamze – the Regional Operations Director of CAIR’s Florida chapter – was even photographed with a big smile on his face.


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NOTE: Just last year imams from Finland (seated left in the forefront) visited CAIR in the US, one is an alleged Muslim Brotherhood operative, the other sitting next to him a shiite (who laughed about stoning on national TV, downplaying it)


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