Lawlessness: Iraqi Kurds rejected for asylum in Norway make 13 illegal attempts to get into UK……


You can wrap this up in any emotionalism of your choosing, but this is pure lawlessness.

Foreigners do not get to make up a country’s immigration policy, they do not get to become permanent residents just on their say so. If the Left had its way, and were assured that they would receive the overwhelming amount of their votes, they would literally tear down all border controls on immigration. It’s a war on the civil society, it’s pure madness.

Migrant dad tells how he and his family arrived in Britain after 13 attempts

A MIGRANT family told last night of the desperate journey they made to reach Britain illegally after 13 attempts.


The Iraqi Kurds paid a total of £18,000 to people traffickers before succeeding in crossing the Channel. The mother, father and two young boys finally made it to Dover in the back of a lorry hidden among its cargo of Oreo chocolate biscuits.

The family immediately claimed asylum and are now being housed and fed in refugee accommodation in Cardiff. Jubilant father Hawkar Salah declared: “We made it. This is my dream, of course. We want to build a new life here and we want to stay forever.”

The family’s extraordinary journey highlights both the persistence and courage of migrants who risk everything to reach the UK. Hawkar, 28, a trained engineer, said their relentless quest lasted two years and they once almost froze to death when loaded into a freezer truck.

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