‘Humanitarian superpower’ Sweden challenges Trump, wants to keep funding murder of 3rd world kids……..


How progressive, how lethal……

The Left can never wrap its warped mind around its own cognitive dissonance…..

Sweden challenges Trump on abortion

Sweden is one of the countries that will hold a meeting in Brussels this spring to kick-start a funding campaign to challenge President Donald Trump’s global anti-abortion ‘gag rule’.
Sweden challenges Trump on abortion

Eight countries have so far signed up to the European effort to promote and protect women’s rights around the world in direct reaction to the US leader’s decision to reinstate a ban on US funding to health groups around the world that provide information about abortion.

Sweden is one of the nations, alongside Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Canada and Cape Verde, that have joined the Netherlands’ fundraising initiative ‘She Decides’.

A conference will be held in Brussels on March 2nd, Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister – and Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate – Isabella Lövin said on Thursday.

Representatives of governments in some 50 countries have been invited, as well as NGOs and private actors. The purpose is to fundraise for organizations that support women in developing countries on issues such as safe abortions and contraception – and to send a political message to the US.


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