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France: Islamonazi attacker on Le Louvre denies connection to Islamic (nazi) State…..


It doesn’t matter, he’s acting on mainstream Islamic impulses…..

He’s a ‘Lone Wolf’, the very type used by Al-Qaida/Islamic State when they shifted strategy after Al-Qaida was nearly taken down as an effective Islamonazi terrorist group. Once again, read Lori Lowenthal’s excellent piece on the subject, to admit ‘Lone Wolves’ exist does not diminish the fact that these larger Islamonazi terror groups aren’t responsible, it’s but a tactic to a larger strategy.

These Lone Wolves are harder to flesh out, to disrupt then tradtional Islamonazi terrorist cells. They force law enforcement (when allowed to do so) to look more closely at Muslim communities thereby giving rise to Muslim Brotherhood civil rights groups crying foul, discrimination. We are forced to fight with both hands behind our backs due to treating Islam as being just like any other religion, thereby handing Muslim pseudo civil rights organizations our necks on a silver platter.

Paris: Louvre machete attacker denies Isis connection

 A 29-year-old Egyptian arrested after a machete attack at the Louvre in Paris last week has said he acted on his own and was not under orders from the Islamic State group, a source close to the probe said Wednesday.
Police have confirmed him as Abdallah El-Hamahmy, a sales manager resident in Dubai, who has denied being guided by the extremist group during interrogations.
He said that he “acted on his own will” and planned only to damage artworks as a symbolic assault on France, the source said, asking not to be named.
Although his backpack contained spray paint which could have been used to deface artwork, investigators believe he appears to have “a certain sympathy for the ideas of Isis,” the source said.
In Friday’s attack at the world’s busiest museum, Hamahmy was shot after lunging at four soldiers with machetes in the underground ticketing area while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest).


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