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Finnish state TV YLE1 shows undercover documentary of sharia courts in Denmark…..

Groundbreaking from a Finnish mainstream media perspective…..

The documentary shows that all of the mosques visited give the same advice, which from a Western/Danish perspective is decisively anti-female. She must allow her husband sex when he wants it, it’s her fault for the blows she receives from his hand, and she cannot have a divorce because she’s against his taking of a second wife, which is his right by Islamic law. Importantly, she is also not to go to the police for any abuse by her spouse.

What it shows is how mainstream šaria law actually is within Islamic communities in Denmark, and by default, elsewhere in the West. The way the spokesmen for these mosques lied to the journalists overseeing the undercover filming in general, was stunning.

Ulkolinja: Šaria law in Denmark

Despite the integration efforts in Denmark Koran is taught in schools fierce sharialakia.

TV1 on Thursday 02/09/2017 22:00 – 23:00, the latest on Wednesday, 15.2. at 23.05
viewed at Yle Areena
Strict šaria law is taught in Danish Koran schools . Documentary’s undercover material describes how the mosques live according to Islamic law, how Danish laws or integration objectives are ignored.
The documentary also sheds light on why the adaptation of immigrants in the Danish society have faltered for decades.


Young couple toured mosques

Two disguised Muslim youths Fatma and Mohammed , moved in 2015 to an immigrant suburb. They plan to infiltrate local Muslim community and find out what newly arrived immigrants face in a new environment.
They research, how imams advise their people according to Danish law, or whether they will follow šaria law. Fatma and Mohammed film secretly for three months in mosques. They posed as a young married couple who until moving to the West needs both support and help.
The couple will visit Denmark’s eight largest mosque. Most of the locations are known in the public eye as moderate communities, but the material described reveals a different reality.
More here in Finnish

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