CBN interviews Geert Wilders: ”No I’m not sorry, Crazy the Dutch jurisprudence is not even our law’…….


I am most interested in seeing if he can actually pull this one off, the cards of course are stacked up against him in every conceivable way. It would take an enormous amount of sustained public pressure to get The Netherlands out of the EU.

In all honesty, if any country is going to be the linchpin in causing the EU to finally crumble, it will be the Netherlands. The Netherlands embodies the overall aims and desires of the EU statists, that for it to remove itself would be so cataclysmic that Brussels would never recover. It’s just my opinion, but that’s how I see it. I hope he’s successful, and that it results in the return of the rule of law and individual sovereignty.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Wilders Will Take Netherlands Out of EU

AMSTERDAM – Some say he will be the next nail in the European Union’s coffin. Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ anti-EU, anti-immigration Party for Freedom is on track to win national elections in March. But he told us why a victory still might not make him the next prime minister. He also calls his conviction on a hate speech charge, for saying there are too many Moroccans in the Netherlands, “ridiculous.”


He still lives under 24-hour police protection from death threats. And whatever you do, don’t call him the Dutch Donald Trump.


Geert Wilders emerged from his trial more defiant and more popular than ever. And he granted this exclusive interview to CBN News.
Dale Hurd:  After your recent conviction for hate speech, you didn’t sound very repentant, very sorry.
Wilders:  No I’m not, you know, how can I be? I really said nothing wrong and the crazy Dutch jurisprudence  – it’s not even our law  – I think I’m the first Dutchman who was convicted for something that is not in the law because the judge decided that Moroccans, which as you know is a nationality, has to be seen as a race. Dale, the reason I said it was because 80 percent of the Dutch jihadists who go to fight in Syria are Moroccans. 80 percent. They are 22 times over represented when it comes to street crime, and 60 percent of the Moroccan youth under the age of 23 has been arrested at least once, so in any poll it proved that the majority of the Dutch people agreed with me about the Moroccans, and the judge said because of international jurisprudence, once again not even in the Dutch law, that Moroccans had to be seen as a race. So if you are in Holland, be careful not to say tomorrow that you don’t like French, German or Swedish food or people, you could be called a racist. Of course this is ridiculous. I did nothing wrong and that’s why I will appeal this crazy verdict.
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