Mosul Iraq: Islamic (nazi) State jihadis on edge after assassin strangles colleague……


The more they’re ‘put on edge’ the better……

Islamic State jihadis left TERRIFIED after Mosul ASSASSIN ‘strangles depraved fighter’

ISIS members in western Mosul have been placed on high alert after a terrorists body was discovered dead in a ditch.

The terrified militants have arrested 10 people as a result of the incident and sent them to an unknown location while imposing a curfew on three residential areas in Iraq to try and find the alleged assassin.

The dead Jihadi was apparently smothered and an assassin on the loose lends credence to the fact ISIS are losing their grip on the caliphate, according to local sources.

Yesterday a civilian stabbed a militant after refusing to pay a false tax and reports agree ISIS are looking over their shoulders as locals become emboldened by the success of government forces.

Late in January, Iraqi joint government forces recaptured the whole of eastern Mosul after furious fighting with IS militants.

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