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Iraq: Girl ‘bitten’ to death by Islamic State torture tool for stepping outside home……


Unspeakable cruelty……monstrous.

Iraqi girl, 10, ‘bitten to death’ for stepping outside house in horror ISIS torture

AN IRAQI child was “bitten to death” with a medieval torture device which was covered in poison – just for stepping outside her house – in the ISIS run hell-hole Mosul.

While troops work to free the city from its current rule of terror, civilians inside the city are facing barbaric treatment.

The tiny girl was punished with a clamp with four ends as sharp as knives, like teeth, which can pierce the skin from both sides when pressed down.

The youngster, named Faten, was punished after stepping over the threshold of her home while cleaning.

When she was caught by the Hisbah police or so-called “morality police” her mother was told to choose how she would pay for her crimes, being offered the chance to take the punishment herself.

Believing her child would be bitten by a human, Faten’s mother opted for the girl to endure the cruel punishment.

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