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Daniel Greenfield: The filibuster, nuke it……


The detestable Harry Reid did just that in 09′ when the majority Democrat led Congress rammed through Obamacare, the Republicans need to the the exact same a number of times this time around and then call it quits, we’re even.


It’s time to put Senate Dems in their place.

Daniel Greenfield

Senator Harry Reid had big plans for the filibuster last year. The outgoing minority leader was bragging that the filibuster would be eliminated if Republicans tried to stop President Hillary Clinton’s judicial appointments.

“I have set the Senate so when I leave we’re going to be able to get judges done with a majority. It takes only a simple majority anymore,” the top Democrat bragged. “They mess with the Supreme Court: it’ll be changed just like that.”

But instead of watching the maids hang up her pantsuits in the White House closets, Hillary Clinton is working on a collection of essays that she hopes someone will want to buy and Harry Reid is yelling at the children playing on his lawn. The Democrats don’t have the Senate or the White House.

And, as President Trump has urged, it’s time to nuke the filibuster.


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