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Islamic (nazi) State now spreading its propaganda in Finland, in Finnish…….

I’ve been warning about this for what seems like decades…..

All the more reason to slam our doors shut from anyone coming from the Middle East (except those with already provable cases, Christians, Yazidis etc.), securing the safety of our citizens needs to be the prime directive for our government. Unfortunately right now, that’s not the case.

IS: ISIS has now propaganda against Finland in Finnish


According to Security Police, the number of persons being followed for terrorist involvement has been constantly growing.

Senior Researcher of the Security Police Counter-Terrorism Unit Pekka Hiltunen says to Ilta-Sanomat that  the threat of terrorism against Finland has become more serious.

The number of those followed for terrorist involvement has increased and is now about 350. Last summer, it was approximately 300. As of 2012, an increase of 80 per cent. All the persons are in some way linked to terrorism, a portion may be associated with the dissemination of ideology.

In the background there are those who are arriving to Finland as well as home grown people who are radicalized.

About 80 people have left Finland for the ranks of terrorist organizations, but Hiltunen says, the amount is likely to be higher.

– It seems that those who have traveled from Finland has risen to quite significant roles. We’re talking about a few individuals, SUPO’s Pekka Hiltunen says the IS .

According to Hiltunen, Finland has begun to be seen in terrorist propaganda in a new way: it is propaganda against Finland in Finnish. One of the reasons is that Finland has been training the Peshmerga forces.

More here in Finnish


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