Iraqis refusing to pay extra tax to the Islamic State caliphate……


Just think how Christians and other non-Muslim groups felt after having been slapped with the tax (jizya)….

How many of them rose up against IS when they did that? 0

Civilian FIGHT BACK: Iraqi refuses to pay ‘ISIS caliphate tax’ and STABS sick jihadi

AN IRAQI civilian launched a heroic attack on Islamic State militants after he refused to pay a “caliphate tax”.


It has been reported that he refused to hand over money for the tax that pays the terrorist fighters salaries.


An eye witness said: “A civilian refused to pay an extra tax, known as the caliphate support tax, which was imposed by the Islamic State group on shops’ owners in Tal Afar market, west of Mosul, then stabbed a militant from the extremist group with a knife.


The caliphate tax has been used to fund ISIS terrorist activities and they have duplicated the tax on local shops.
The eye witness added: “The members of the Islamic State shot the civilian, killing him immediately amid popular unrest.”
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