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Germany: Infamous Syrian who posed a selfie with Merkel suing Facebook…….


I do not feel sorry for jackasses who shouldn’t even be in the country, at least not as refugees.

If this Syrian and others like him were in the West exclusively for training to be sent back into the field for joint operations with the allied armies, I would cut him slack. But he isn’t, he’s a cut and runner, wanting the good life in the West while his country is destroyed by Assad and the Islamonazis.

Hounded over Merkel selfie, Syrian refugee sues Facebook

Hounded over Merkel selfie, Syrian refugee sues FacebookA Syrian refugee whose selfie with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been repeatedly manipulated to link him to violent jihad, took Facebook to court Monday for spreading defamatory fake news.

Anas Modamani, 19, says the US social media giant has failed to take down doctored images and posts that have falsely linked him to, among other things, deadly Islamist attacks in Brussels and Berlin last year.

He has asked a court in the southern city of Würzburg for an injunction against Facebook Ireland Limited, the group’s European subsidiary, requiring it to take down posts linking him to terrorism or criminal offences.

That includes a recent posting which wrongfully claims Modamani was among a group of Berlin juvenile delinquents who tried to set fire to a homeless man in a case that sparked public outrage last Christmas.

Modamani is being represented by German lawyer Chan-jo Jun, who has already launched separate criminal complaints against Facebook for inciting hatred.

Jun argues that Facebook acts as “a content provider, a journalistic medium, which through its guidelines, algorithms and journalist-bots influences which content people see and how”.

“Facebook must finally follow German law… to remove illegal content,” he said ahead of Monday’s hearing, claiming that the company’s own community standards did not prevent defamatory and insulting statements.


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