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UK: Teen who muttered allah, allah, allah while repeatedly stabbing 64 y/o US tourist finally admits to the crime……

It’s always amazing to me that these incidents of sudden Islamo-attack syndrome are always at the hands of mental patients.

Teenager muttered ‘Allah, Allah, Allah’ after stabbing to death US tourist, 64, and wounding five others in bloody rampage in central London 

  • Zakaria Bulhan, who had moved to London from Norway with his Somali mother, killed an American tourist
  • Prosecutors accept pleas to lesser charges and court hears he was suffering from a ‘psychotic episode’
  • Police ruled out fears the attack was terror-inspired after his history of mental health issues was examined
  • Prosecutor says lack of mental health treatment after assessment in London was ‘partly behind’ attack
  • Husband of woman killed says if schizophrenic is released to kill again ‘the blood will be on our hands’ 
Schizophrenic Zakaria Bulhan (left, as a boy and, right, in a court sketch) has admitted killing an American tourist during a knife rampage in London's Russell Square


Schizophrenic Zakaria Bulhan (left, as a boy and, right, in a court sketch) has admitted killing an American tourist during a knife rampage in London’s Russell Square


A mentally-ill teenager muttered ‘Allah, Allah, Allah’ after he stabbed an American tourist to death and injured five others in a knife rampage in London‘s Russell Square, a court has heard.


Zakaria Bulhan, 19, killed retired teacher Darlene Horton, 64, just hours before she was due to fly home to Tallahassee, Florida, after visiting the UK with her university professor husband Richard Wagner.


Bulhan, a Norwegian national of Somali origin who was living in south-west London, denied murdering the mother-of-two, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility today.


Prosecutors have accepted that schizophrenic Bulhan was in the midst of a psychotic episode at the time after police ruled out a terrorist motive to the attack.


The court heard he was assessed by his local mental health trust on 20 April, but received no further treatment despite acting increasingly ‘oddly’ before the attack.


Bulhan struck just after 10.30pm on Wednesday 3 August in Russell Square, an area popular with tourists, after visiting the East London Mosque in Whitechapel.


The court heard he ran from the Mosque and was later seen moving erratically along the pavement at Russell Square, walking alongside the park railings and holding a large kitchen knife.


He ‘smiled and skipped’ towards his first victim before continuing the rampage with a ‘crazed smile’, the court heard.

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