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46 y/o Moroccan ‘asylum seeker’ posing as Syrian jailed for 13 years for murder of man in asylum center…….


There’s lots more of the very same type waiting to be unleashed upon us……

13-year jail sentence for attempted murder in Vienna asylum centre

A 46-year-old Moroccan asylum seeker has been sentenced to 13 years in prison in Vienna for the attempted murder of his roommate at an asylum centre in Simmering.

In his defence the man said that he thought the 27-year-old Syrian man and a group of other men were planning to rape him.

He told the jury that he had been sexually abused by two men the day before in an apartment in Ottakring. He went to a hospital after the alleged attack but doctors could find no evidence that he had been raped. After being released from hospital and giving a statement to the police he returned to his accommodation and stabbed his sleeping roommate with an ornamental 8cm-long knife that was hanging on the wall.

However, the judge said that the real reason for the attack last September was the fact that the Moroccan man was claiming to be a Syrian refugee and that he was afraid the younger man would betray his real origins. He had travelled to Austria through Italy, using false identity documents, but the Syrian refugees at the asylum centre soon realised he was Moroccan because of the Arabic dialect he spoke.

The Moroccan stabbed the younger man so violently that he ripped open his abdomen and injured his liver. He also broke one of this ribs and severed a thoracic artery. If the 27-year-old had not screamed loudly for help, doctors said he would not have survived the attack.

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  1. After reading the description of the attack I wonder why he didn’t get life! But only 13 years for such a savage attack.

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