Islamic misogyny

Misogynist Islam (is there any other kind?): Wives are sex slaves to husbands…….


This is Islam, without and window dressing or makeup….it is what it is.


“ The wife should fear Allah at all times and be ready to meet the sexual needs of her husband, except in cases where it is not permissible such as during menstruation or postnatal bleeding. “ Prophet Mohammad says if a husband calls his wife to his bed and she refused to answer the call for any reason other than a lawful one, and then he get upset, then angels will curse such a wife until she gets up in the morning.”

Fear Allah, obey your husband in bed – Cleric tells wives


An Abuja based Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Yahya Al-Yolawi, has advised Muslim wives to fear Allah and obey their husbands by satisfying their marital needs in order to maintain a peaceful home.


Al-Yolawi, who is the Chief Imam of Area 10 Mosque gave the advice while delivering Jumma’at sermon titled“ Duties and Responsibilities of husband and wife in Islam,“ on Friday in Abuja.


The cleric said that Islam had prescribed duties and responsibilities for both the husband and wife in order to ensure a harmonious relationship. According to him, whenever those rights are violated, a lot of chaos and evils would enter the lives of the couple.


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