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Wilders posed to be next nail in EU’s coffin……


Wilders has been at the forefront of defending classical liberal (Enlightenment based) values.

He’s virulently anti-Islam as I am, not anti-Muslim, people who have been deceived, taken in, hoodwinked by the mohammedan ideology. Once released from its bonds, they make wonderful societal partners.

Rabble rouser who could be the next nail in the EU’s coffin: He’s the virulently anti-Muslim politician on course to win the Dutch election – with even the respectable middle classes supporting him

  • Geert Wilders claims the Dutch people have been ‘betrayed by politicians’ 
  • The Freedom Party leader said says the people want a ‘new Patriotic Spring’
  • Wilders, the 53-year-old of part-Indonesian heritage with peroxide blond hair, is turning Dutch thinking on its head

PUBLISHED: 00:07 GMT, 4 February 2017 | UPDATED: 09:21 GMT, 4 February 2017

Wearing spivvy shoes, a tight blue suit and a crooked smile, the wide boy of European politics strides into a room in the Dutch parliament building, flanked by armed security men.

He holds up a fat paperback entitled Anger, full of stories of ordinary folk worried about the kind of issues that swept Donald Trump to power in America.

‘Our people have been betrayed by politicians and want a new Patriotic Spring,’ he tells his audience, who nod enthusiastically.

This is Geert Wilders, the 53-year-old of part-Indonesian heritage with peroxide blond hair, who is turning Dutch thinking on its head. He is described by some as a rabid racist and has been convicted for inciting discrimination.

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