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France: Outrage ensues over police using burkas in drug sting…….


Cry me a river, whatever works……

Cops have been known to use a number of religious symbols and disguises to catch crooks. Besides, we’re all offended by Islam.

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‘It’s super offensive’ Fury as French police use BURKA to go undercover during drug bust

THIS is the moment French police disguised themselves by dressing in an Islamic burka and kaftan during an undercover operation to target a suspected drug dealer.

The bizarre footage shows the two officers apprehend the suspect while dressed in the traditional religious robes, grabbing him roughly in what appears to be a car park in La Bricarde, Marseille.
One policeman can be seen wearing a full-body burka and a face veil, while the other was captured dressed in a similar long Islamic-style robe.
A third officer, dressed in the traditional police uniform, later joined them and the suspect is seen being led away by the three men.
But the method used to carry out the arrest has been blasted by some as offensive.
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