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Finnish video game big wig Lauri Järvilehto values games over human lives and Western civilization……


Read this list slowly:

Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen.

Then, read this mind numbing quote by  Rovio’s Lauri Järvilehto….


While Nokia’s Suri was guarded in his assessment of the impact of the new US administration on business, other business heavyweights took to Twitter to express hope that President Trump’s immigrant ban could turn out to be a silver lining for Finland.


Lauri Järvilehto, one of a group of alumni from Finnish game maker Rovio who banded together to launch the learning startup Lightneer, tweeted in English “Trump kicks technology experts out of the US – Finland welcomes them with open arms.”


Lets put aside the thought that the overwhelming majority of these states have nothing to offer the West in the way of innovative technology, and ask yourself this: Is having a new video game worth countless loss of lives, as well as the losing of your hard won civil liberties? The violent jihad is bad enough, but the stealth version, civilization jihad is even worse. Too bad critical thinking is no longer taught in schools of higher learning, just politically correct approved pablum.

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