Islam in Denmark MUSLIM SETTLERS

Denmark: Record number of asylum seekers left country voluntarily…….


Alternative headline: Record number of fraud Muslim settler asylum seekers left country after dreams of nirvana was quashed….

A record number of asylum seekers left Denmark voluntarily last year

Throughout the course of 2016, 532 asylum seekers voluntarily left Denmark, numbers from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) released this week revealed.


According to broadcaster DR, which first reported on the statistics, that is the highest number ever and also the first time that asylum seekers leaving Denmark on their own accord outnumber those whose applications were rejected.


Three out of four of those who left did so before their cases had been processed. According to Jacob Jørgensen, an IOM spokesman in Copenhagen, most of those who left returned to Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan. There were also a significant number of voluntary returns among nationals of Russia and Ukraine.


Many cited long waiting times in Danish asylum centres, ill family members in their home countries and false expectations as the primary reasons for leaving.


“There are probably just as many reasons as there are people. We often hear about illness in the family causing people to want to quickly return home. Others are disappointed because their expectations, which may have been built up by human smugglers, did not match reality,” Jørgensen told news agency Ritzau.

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