Daniel Greenfield Muslim persecution of Christians

Daniel Greenfield: “Kill Christians” is the real refugee protest agenda……..

Christians, the eradication of their numbers from the Middle East, genocide, is the real pressing issue of the region. They are not safe in their homes, at refugee centers in the area, as well as in centers in Europe.

Muslims are driving them out, their coreligionists victimize them where they flee due to intrinsic Islamic inspired hatred of the other. This is pure insanity by European leaders in importing hundreds of thousands if not millions of Jew and Christian hating Muslims. Help them, humanitarianly, in the region where they’re from.


What they really want is the continuation of Obama’s Christian refugee ban.

The President of the United States announced that refugees fleeing persecution by a totalitarian regime would be deported. It did not matter that they had risked their lives to come here.

They would be sent back.

No leftist lawyers crammed airports. No protesters chanted at terminals. No celebrities offered sanctimonious lectures about “who we are”. No one dared to call the lying thug behind it un-American.

Because his last name was Obama and the refugees were Cubans fleeing socialism.

Their arrival irritated the leftists gleefully going on tours of Havana while worrying that capitalism would ruin all the poverty, misery and oppression they were showing off on their Instagram pages.

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