Islam in the UK Muslim apologists

UK Muslim supports Trump’s suspension, does she condemn intrinsic Islamic Jew hatred as well…..?


I’m committing a sin that lawyers are taught to avoid, that is, never ask a question in court that you don’t already know the answer to.

That said, this is an honest foray into an area I have lots of experience in dealing with. I’ve been taught by the very best. I have yet to hear and so called Islamic reformers steadfastly admit, that Islam contains within all of its books and texts, vitriolic Jew hatred. Whether it be Dr.Zuhdi Jasser (MoZJay), Maajid Nawaz or Irshad Manji (who said: anti-Semitism has no basis in the preaching of the Koran) and a host of others, what you’ll hear are only heavily guarded statements on Jew hatred, that it’s wrong, but never about what is the driving force behind it.

So call me sceptical when I hear a Muslim (like Qanta Ahmed) applauding anything that appears to harm Muslim/Islamic interests, they are usually tripped up by asking a few piercing questions that demand an honest answer. When they begin to spin and deflect, then you know that you have them.

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