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‘Reformer’ Maajid Nawaz warns of students embracing Jew hatred, fails to mention Islamic antisemitism…….


Maajid Nawaz points to what I’ve been saying all along, (these are my words however) that the Islamic Jew hatred Muslim are bringing with themselves into the West, is in fact supercharging the European variant.

But more interestingly, Nawaz in this piece, still refuses to address exactly where these Muslims are drawing their Jew hatred from, that being, Islamic texts, Islamic canonical law. It’s the very thing I pointed out at a Jewish event in Helsinki last weekend, and had to endure a super heated exchange with the speaker and crowd of people telling me to hush.

Matters came to a head last September as 44 student leaders signed an open letter stating that Jewish students did not feel safe participating in the national student movement.
How did it all come to this? The perfect storm: Islamist theocrats, their regressive left apologists and right wing populists.
Though they may hate each other, they agree to hate on Jews more. I call this Europe’s triple threat, and it is tearing our political culture asunder, poisoning our discourse and leaving a nasty aftertaste to campus activism.
No surer sign of rising fascism have we had in our history than the scapegoating of our Jewish communities. Alarm bells should be sounding, and yet they are not.

Students are sleepwalking into anti-Semitic hysteria

JANUARY 25, 2017, 2:50 PM
Never again, was the promise. We remember, the pledge. And yet, amid record levels of anti-Semitic attacks recorded nationally by the watchdog CST, anti-Semitism on our campuses has become a major problem. Sadly, my own alma mater SOAS University of London is a main culprit.

This week SOAS Jewish society’s president Avrahum Sanger revealed that anti-Semitism has found its foothold firmly in Bloomsbury, claiming that some students are too afraid to wear the Star of David or speak Hebrew at the country’s foremost languages school.
Israel Apartheid Week on a UK campus
The union – where I once served as an officer – had already voted to boycott Israel by the time it decided to hold an Israeli Apartheid Week last year. This came after a vigil was arranged on SOAS’s steps where among those mourned was Muhannad Shafeq Halabi, who killed two Israeli men in Jerusalem. Students were mourning a terrorist.


Israel Apartheid Week on a UK campus

Jewish students have been pushing for kosher food to be reinstated at the union snack shop, and for a multi-faith prayer room to be made available once again after it was recently closed.
Despite this, there are two prayer rooms for Muslims only. And these are segregated, one for each gender, in case you had hoped for some radicalism to hail from the university that prides itself as being the most progressive in the UK.
No wonder then that a freedom of information request from last year found only 39 students comfortable enough to declare they were Jewish.
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NOTE: No matter of their good intentions, Muslim ‘reformers’ like Maajid Nawaz only end up deceiving themselves and the public at large, there is no ”good Islam” there is only Islam, full of hatred of the other, Jew hatred and other intolerance, calls for violence etc. etc. and there is nothing he can say or do about it. He will change nothing, because Islam is in fact immutable.

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