Islamonazi explosive expert goes boom boom……


More, more!

Bungling Islamic State ‘explosives expert’ obliterates HIMSELF up while planting a bomb

A SENIOR ISIS bomb expert has killed himself after trying to plant an explosive device in Salahuddin province in northern Iraq.

Abu Abdullah was rigging a bomb on a roadside in southern Mosul when the device went off, killing him and another depraved jihadi.

Described as a ‘bomb expert’, Abdullah was a second-tier leader in the barbaric terror group and had previously been responsible for dozens of detonations, according to a security expert.


He was renowned for rigging buildings with detonation devices as the terror cell try to inflict as much damage as possible as they are forces out of Mosul by a US-led coalition of troops.

Abdullah’s death marks yet another blow for ISIS after a number of leading figures were killed in recent weeks.

On Monday, news emerged that the terror cell’s chief decapitator had been stabbed to death in western Mosul.


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