Austria: Afghan Muslim settlers arrested for gang-raping hapless woman in toilet stall……..


The violent Islamo-fungus among us….

Teenage Afghan migrants jailed for gang-raping student in Austrian train station toilet

THREE Afghan teenage migrants who gang-raped a woman in a public toilet at an Austrian train station, have been jailed, almost a year after they committed the horrific attack.


Vienna Regional Court sentenced two 18-year-olds to six years in prison and one 16-year-old to five years, but it is not clear whether they would appeal.

Listening to a recount of the tragic story, the court heard how the 21-year-old female student – originally from Turkey – was targeted at Vienna’s Paterstern station last April.

The woman had been out with a friend, but stopped off at the station so she could use the toilet.

But she was then followed by the three predators.

The youngest attacker reportedly held her to the ground as the other men violently raped her.

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