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Iraq: Islamic (Nazi) State threatens to murder 350 000 children trapped in city if they try to escape…….


All the more necessary to build safe camps for people in the region, and truly take the fight to this ragtag collection of Islamonazis and wipe them from the face of the planet.

Mosul: Isis threatens to kill 350,000 children trapped in city if they try to leave

‘There’s a huge risk for families  – if Isis see a family trying to escape, they kill them on the spot’


Rachael Pells

An estimated 350,000 children are currently trapped in siege-like conditions and risk execution under Isis in the next stage of conflict, aid agencies have warned.

Half of the 750,000 trapped civilians in west Mosul are children who risk being killed by the terror-group if they try to flee, Save the Children reported.

Those who remain are at extreme risk from the devastating impact of artillery and other explosive weapons if they are deployed in the narrow and more densely-packed streets of the western districts.

More than three months into the Mosul offensive, the humanitarian crisis inside western sections of the city is reported to be increasingly desperate, with more causalities expected as Iraq’s infantry enters the city.

Three quarters of a million civilians are said to be out of reach of aid agencies and running out of food, water and basic supplies.

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