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Finland: Marxist former politician (and psychiatrist) Claes Andersson diagnoses Trump: ‘A Narcissistic Psychopath’…….


Who cares what this miserable unkempt, misfit of a Marxist says anyways?

This is the same guy who was punched in the stomach by the late great Lennart Meri, former president of Estonia, for his efforts in screwing Estonia over during the last days of the USSR. Andersson told of the encounter on Finnish state YLE’s Aamu TV program on a Friday after the passing of Meri. Was chuckling about getting gut punched. I wish I had been there to witness, and applaud it.

Psychiatrist Claes Andersson to IS: Donald Trump behaves like a narcissistic psychopath

Psychiatrist Claes Andersson says Donald Trump does not care about the consequences.

Psychiatrist Claes Andersson told YLE Radio Vega , ie YLE’s Swedish-language radio station De äldres råd program on Monday that US President Donald Trump suffers from personality disorders.

Andersson says its his belief that Trump behaves like a narcissistic psychopath.

Ilta-Sanomat asked on Monday night whether Andersson really feels this way.

– Yes, I think so, that Donald Trump is behaving like a narcissist and doesn’t care about the consequences of his activities, Andersson told reporters late on Monday night on the phone with Ilta-Sanomat.


Psychiatrist and leftist politician

Claes Andersson is a writer, a former MP and minister. He made a long career as a psychiatrist.

In politics he is remembered as a former Finnish People’s Democratic League SKDL that is, the Member of Parliament and later as chairman of the Left Alliance, and Paavo Lipponen (SDP), the first government minister of culture.

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  1. Am I correct in assuming this deranged conclusion by this quack means barak obama is then a paragon of virtues? Ask him! His answer will reveal his quackery for all to see!

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