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Royal meltdown in Sweden: Husband of Princess Madeleine calls Trump “a painfully ignorant man”……..

The Swedish royal family is not allowed to express their political positions, but the same prohibition does not apply to Chris O’Neill, who never assumed a royal title.


And you, Chris O’Neill, are a flaming idiot and a royal ass…….

Shut the hell up on issues you know nothing about, and concentrate on which dinner fork to hold. I’m sick of these elitist morons bloviating on ‘behalf of his fellow countrymen’.

The Husband of Princess Madeleine, Chris O’Neill, slams Trump: “Mr. President, you are painfully ignorant man”

Chris O’Neill gave Donald Trump a scolding on Instagram.
Chris O’Neill published on his private Instagram account a declaration in which he lambasted president Donald Trump, Aftonbladet says .
– On behalf of the all of the sane minded Americans,  I’m sorry for the disgraceful acts by our president, O’Neill writes.
– Really a sad day to be a US citizen. Mr. President, you are painfully an ignorant man. You have yourself to blame for the hatred and violence from which you claim to protect us from. You do not have common sense, and sensitivity, O’Neill scorned.
O’Neill’s post became public when his friend Giancarlo Giammetti shared about it on his own page.
– Well said Chris O’Neill, the fashion designer praised the text and images of a weeping Statue of Liberty  with her face buried in her hands.


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  1. Two fine examples of why white Europeans have decided to remove their DNA from the world’s future by the faux opinions and decisions they make? Buh-bye, so long, it’s been so nice to know you!

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