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Church leaders criticize President Trump for wanting to prioritize open doors for Christian refugees…….


Church leaders from mainstream denominations are really not on your side whatsoever…….

No wonder Christians in the Middle East (what’s left of them) are at the bottom rung of the ladder of those being invited into the West, Church leaders are not aggressively lobbying political leadership to bring in their coreligionists from harms way. Despicable people.

Church leaders speak out against Donald Trump’s decision to prioritize evangelical refugees as the President confirms his plan in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network

  • The Christian community has spoken out against Trump’s refugee policy
  • Said they believe in assisting everyone in need of help, regardless of religion
  • Trump’s interview to the Christian Broadcasting Network was set to air Sunday 
  • President said he would give priority to Christians applying for refugee status
  • Interview comes after he denied that his travel ban was religious-based

Christian leaders have spoken out against Donald Trump’s plan to prioritize Christian refugees, as the president confirmed his decision in an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network.
The segment, which aired Sunday evening, was taped at the White House Friday, the same day Trump signed an executive order banning Syrian refugees indefinitely and closing US doors to visitors from seven predominantly Muslims countries.
During the interview, the president pledged to give priority to Christians applying for refugee status, saying it had been easier for Muslim people to get into the United States than for Christians. Available evidence, however, shows that the US admitted 37,521 Christian refugees and 38,901 Muslim refugees in 2016.
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NOTE: The PEW Center is full of crap……….CNSNews has an exact breakdown on who and what has been let into the country from Iraq and Syria and elsewhere.

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  1. These non-thinking or brain washed so-called “Christians” chose to kiss their brains good-bye. That is antithetical to everything contained within Christianity from my point of view. Stalin got it right with “useful idiots”. For his purposes. For mine, “useless idiots”.

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