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Douglas Murray: Wilders doesn’t threaten Dutch liberalism, he’s defending it…….


There’s different understandings of the term ‘liberalism’, in the US it means Leftism, here in Europe it actually means classical liberalism, which upon conservatism is based, stemming from the enlightenment.

Geert Wilders doesn’t threaten Dutch liberalism: he’s defending it

If this wind picks up across the lowlands of Holland, expect it to gain speed across the rest of Europe

It looks like the people might do it again. After the British electorate misled themselves so badly and American voters failed to rotate the Clinton and Bush families for another presidential cycle, the latest fear is that democracy might occur in Holland.
Polls currently show Geert Wilders’s Freedom party almost at level pegging with the governing VVD party, both milling around the 30-seat mark. Questions about when the Dutch became illiberal miss the point that this is a revolt in defence of liberalism rather than against it. The misinterpretation does Dutch voters a serious disservice and fails to acknowledge that the Dutch status quo of recent years — like that in the UK and US — has gone badly wrong.
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