Iraqi forces uncover mustard gas and dozens of rockets left over from Saddam Hussein period…….


Gee, I thought there was none supposed to be there?

Iraqi forces discover terrifying arsenal of weapons including mustard gas and dozens of Saddam Hussein’s rockets in ISIS arms warehouse

  • Iraqi soldiers say they found mustard gas among a huge cache of weapons
  • Pictures show rockets recklessly piled on top of each other by fleeing jihadists
  • Iraqi forces say some of the missiles were left over from Saddam Hussein’s era 

Iraqi forces say they have uncovered a terrifying arsenal of weapons including mustard gas at an ISIS arms warehouse in Mosul.

The weapons were found among dozens of rockets hidden in a storage unit in the city with Iraqi troops claiming the haul presented a ‘huge chemical threat’.

Pictures show officials examining piles of missiles which had been recklessly dumped on top of each other by fleeing jihadists.

Outside, large rockets can be seen in open wooden crates. Many of them are understood to have been from the era of executed dictator Saddam Hussein.

One was found with the Russian word for ‘training’ on the outside – but the Iraqi army, which posted the images online, say ISIS often reconstruct such devices to use in combat.

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