Paleostinians Palestinian terrorism

Two ‘Paleostinians’ shot during terrorist attack, no need for prison gear……

That’s how every single Islamonazi terrorist should end up…..

2 Palestinians Terrorists Shot While Committing Attacks  

Israeli security forces thwarted two Palestinian terror attacks on Wednesday night. 

Israeli security forces on Wednesday night battled two Palestinian terrorists in two separate attacks, during which they shot and killed one and wounded the other.

In the first attack, the terrorist attempted to run over Israelis waiting for a bus at the entrance to the Israeli community of Kohav Ya’acov in the Binyamin region.

Soldiers opened fire and killed the terrorist. He was found to be holding a knife, but did not have a chance to exit his car and continue the attack.

Palestinian sources identified the terrorist as Hussein Salem Abu Ghosh, whose cousin carried out the fatal stabbing of Shlomit Krigman a year ago.

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